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Stamped Concrete Denver

What to know about stamped concrete in Denver

With ties to the Wild West, Denver was a boomtown beginning as a mining camp and flourishing now as a modern-day, culturally diverse metropolitan area. Its growing population traverses the city which sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Covering much of its urban and residential sidewalks, patios, and promenades is stamped concrete, the most versatile of surfaces for a destination city rich in ranching and rustic lifestyles, and modern appeal.

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Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns in Denver

Denver Stamped Concrete
Rocky Mountain Concrete Specialists in Morrison, CO
Denver Stamped Concrete
Front Range Decorative Concrete in Englewood, CO
  • Although views of the Rockies suggest Denver can be a cold, mountain city, the climate in Denver is surprisingly mild. Because stamped concrete can withstand a range of climate stresses, it is a perfect fit for the Mile High City. Stamped concrete is often selected as the surface for outdoor areas because:

    • It does not get uncomfortably hot in warm weather
    • It provides slip resistance in wet weather
    • It can withstand freeze/thaw environments when installed properly

Comparing Stamped Concrete to Other Materials

Denver Stamped Concrete
Table Mountain Creative Concrete in Golden, CO
  • In Denver and around the country, stamped concrete is used in a variety of both indoor and outdoor areas. The most popular applications are for walkways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, driveways, and entryways.

    Stamped concrete adds texture and pattern to poured concrete, and therefore has a number of advantages over other materials such as pavers or natural stone.

Stamped concrete is more customizable. It can be colored in a variety of colors, such as the compass (pictured) installed by Table Mountain Creative Concrete in Golden, Colo. And it is not limited to a selection of patterns. Stamped concrete can be textured, patterned, and saw cut into almost any design imaginable. Compared to pavers or natural stone such as flagstone, etc., stamped concrete is more durable and longer-lasting. While pavers and natural stone will require resetting or replacement over time, stamped concrete is a solid, natural-looking surface that requires little maintenance. Stamped concrete also has less tripping hazards, which can become a concern with unsettled pavers or stones.

Learn more about stamped concrete in this stamped concrete infographic.

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